London Cycling Club
Due to Covid-19 the next LCC Ride on 03/28/21 ( Sunday ) starting at 09:00 going West from Greenway Park and riding to Delaware 40k, Komoka 59k, .... is CANCELLED.

Ride Leaders Page

LCC Ride Leaders -- who are they and what should they do?

Ride Leaders are LCC members who voluntarily give their own time to learn and apply club rules and guidelines during Club rides. Ride Leaders help make the ride safe for all members, help make the rides go smoothly, stay on course and help all members enjoy the ride. Its a club rule that all LCC members must follow LCC Ride Leaders instructions at all times when on an LCC ride.

Ride Leader Checklist

  1. Arrive 10-15 min early.
  2. Break into groups based on speed/distance.
  3. Welcome new riders.
  4. Confirm membership status of all riders.
  5. Have new riders start at the back and ride with them early in the ride to discuss guidelines.
  6. Try to have groups of 12 or less.
  7. Before leaving explain a few key items:
    • Route and speed
    • Ride is to be enjoyed and is not a race
    • There will be times where the speed will go up and they can go as fast as they want. Try to tell them well in advance
    • Keep together as a group (no surging)
    • Front 2 riders always stay side by side. The slowest of the two sets the pace
    • If we are stopped for any reason Ride Leader will do all communications
    • Remind them that you are here to help
  8. Keep the first 3-5 km at a reasonable warm up pace.
  9. How we rotate – keep the group moving.
    • Riders can pull from 2-5 min (2 is optimal)
    • Remind riders that when they pull out to rotate, go smoothly, don’t surge forward. The rider should yell out "Clear" when the rotating rider is clear of their front wheel
    • Last rider who is moving up should indicate that they are last rider
  10. Keep coffee/snack stops to 20 min. Remind them 5 minutes before restart time.
  11. Protect a weak rider. If they can’t hold pace, pull back slightly, but not a pace less than group standard. Encourage them to ride with a slower group and do some work during the week to strengthen their ride.
  12. On a long climb, let people go their own pace and let everyone know when they get to the top to either stop and pull off the road completely and wait or pedal slowly until the group all finishes the hill (stopping is preferable).
  13. On a long downhill move faster riders to the front. Tell them to pass only on the left and NEVER cross middle of the road. Never ever are they to ride three or more abreast. Explain where to regroup.
  14. When we stop on the side of the road, be sure everyone is on the shoulder of the road and safe.
  15. Obey ALL traffic signs, lights. Make sure your group understands this.
  16. Remind riders to call out road obstacles well in advance and give space for the group to get around.
  17. Have lots of communication during the ride. Don’t hesitate to call out when to rotate, slow down speed up. Demonstrate you are in control of the group (just not a dictator).
  18. If you have a disruptive or very inexperienced rider, isolate them and have them fall back off the group 3-4 meters. Talk to them. Give positive guidance. The other riders will be pleased that you did this. The rider in question may be upset, but they can be the cause of problems and make the ride potentially unsafe.

  19. Have fun!!!!! You are not a Ride Leader to make your rides seem like all you do is boss folks about.