London Cycling Club
Due to Covid-19 the next LCC Ride on ( ) starting at going from and riding to .... is CANCELLED.

London Cycling Club Safety and Administration

The London Cycling Club values and respects safety on all our tours and all Members are required to follow the Ontario Highway Traffic Act on all LCC rides.

Please read the following documents prior to joining the London Cycling Club.
LCC Membership Handbook
LCC Bylaws and Policies Manual
LCC Risk Management Plan
Long term members should also read these documents periodically as a refresher.

For the safety of riders, the London Cycling Club does not permit the following items on sanctioned rides:
Headphones / earphones
Aero bars may be fitted to a bike but must not be used
If you are involved in an incident on an LCC ride, you are required to fill out an OCA Incident Report. This report has to be sent to the LCC’s general email at  Witnesses to the incident should fill out this report as well.

Bylaws and Policies Manual

The Bylaws and Policies Manual is a recent addition to the list of documents. As an Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) affiliated club, the LCC is required to provide policies that are essential for the successful running of any not-for-profit sport organization. These policies provide transparency on the rights and expected behaviors of both members and those who serve on the Board of Directors.

This Manual contains the following documents:
Bylaws of the London Cycling Club
Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
Discipline and Complaints Policy
Social Media Policy
Concussion Guidelines and Return to Compete Policy
Privacy Policy
Membership Policy
Screening Policy

For more info or advice on any safety and administrative issue please contact us at