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2020 Overnight Tour - location/dates TBA

Every year the LCC organises a weekend overnight tour. In previous years we have visited Niagara, Long Point and Collingwood and members have enjoyed a social meeting with riding on both weekend days in that area. Details of this years location and dates will be advised soon. Meanwhile please enjoy some reports from the 2019 meet to whet your appetite for this years Overnight tour.

2019 Collingwood Overnight Tour

Collingwood Cycling weekend:

Dear LCC members,
Last September the London Cycling Club offered a cycling weekend (overnight tour) in Collingwood. What a fantastic experience. We had the opportunity to join and ride with the Collingwood Cycling Club and discover the area on our bikes. The majestic landscape, the hills (yes there were a few!) and the little cafés made this experience one of a kind. It was fun to be part of a group of fellow riders and share this time together. #gratefultoridewithamazingpeople.


LCC Overnight Tour Collingwood 2019

Collingwood 2019 was my first overnight tour with the club. To preface my review, I should explain a few things. My name is Steve I have been with the club now for two years. I like to consider myself an average rider. I have been working towards longer rides, so I wanted a goal to work towards. Collingwood was one of those goals. Anyone that has been to the Collingwood, will know that there are hills. It’s well known for skiing and cycling. We vacation there quite often in the summertime. I knew that the bike ride in Collingwood would be a challenge.

There were quite a few people that had signed up for the ride that I knew. A very solid group of riders. In my mind, I didn’t want to be that guy that holds everyone back. So, in saying this, I concentrated on distance and turned my focus towards hills. To be quite honest we really do not have hills here in London. I know what your thinking. What about Delaware area? Sorry those are rollers. I found a great route to focus our rollers and then I would do some hill repeats to prepare.

I made sure that all my gear was ready and tuned for the trip. We decided to carpool, Jim Nagy picked me up and we were off. I had met Jim quite a few times. It was a great drive up with excellent conversation. Dean our Co-ordinator had arranged the accommodation. We stayed at an Airbnb. A fantastic spot. Lots of space. After arriving and getting settled in, we had a fantastic supper provided by our Club Pres. We probably stayed up later that we should have, however, its all about having fun.

We had home made crepes provided by Maria and Joe for fuel in the morning. Then we were off. We met the Collingwood club, where we were introduced to our ride leader Tim. Tim lead us on every aspect of our ride. Tim is a very seasoned ride leader and trainer for the Collingwood club. There were no surprises and he is uber organized.

We started the assent of the escarpment. It was gradual for the first 15 minutes or so. Then it was a solid climb for about ½ to ¾ hours. Stunning views, beautiful forest, rock faces even a babbling stream. I remember the temperature change, absolutely refreshing! At the top we waited for everyone to converge.

We departed and road along the top of the escarpment going through Lake Eugenia. Let me say this area is a hidden gem! Our coffee stop would be in Beaver Valley. Tim split the groups into those that have a death wish and those that are reserved. We would meet at the coffee shop. The scenery is breath taking. I had driven this area but had never cycled it. It was stunning. We had our coffee in a little bakery that caters to mostly cyclists. Fresh coffee and baked goods. So delish!

It was time to climb back up the escarpment, all carb’d up and ready to climb. Again, like earlier a solid steady climb. Then we turned to climb Red wing. I remember Janice saying it was unforgiving. Let’s just say she’s never lied to me yet. Just when you think the climb is done, you are sadly mistaken and round two begins. We finally made it to the top. The descent into Collingwood was fast. All downhill and I distinctly remember not pedaling for kilometers and thinking I hope these brakes hold on! All in all, A fantastic ride. An amazing weekend. Great people, beautiful scenery, challenging route and kilometers of laughs. What else could a cyclist ask for?
Steve Brennan